Book by Peter Stone
Lyrics by Bob Merrill
Music by Julie Styne

On Our Stage in Our 89th Season

AUDITION DATES – March 13 and 14, 2017

Registration begins at 6:30. Auditions begin promptly at 7:30. You need not attend both nights. If you audition on the first night, you may not be asked to read, sing, or dance on the second night.

Please complete an Audition Form and a Conflict Calendar and bring them to the audition.

Click on the buttons below to download the forms.

Audition Form
Conflict Calendar

PRODUCTION DATES –May 5-7, 12-14, 19-21 and 26-28, 2017

Produced in Cooperation with Tams Witmark Music Library

The Show

Joe and Jerry, two unemployed musicians in 1929 Chicago, inadvertently witness a gangland
massacre. The only way out of town is to shave their legs, put on wigs, and join an all-female band heading for Miami. Joe/Josephine falls in love with the gorgeous blonde singer, Sugar. Meanwhile, Jerry/Daphne tries to avoid the advances from millionaire Osgood Fielding. But when the ruthless Chicago gangsters arrive in Miami, the boys … girls? … have to run for their lives!

The Crew

Director – Peter Sonneberg
Music Director – Paul Abbott
Choreographer – Janeen Bodary

The Cast

PLEASE NOTE: The ages listed in the descriptions below are the “playing ages” of the characters in this show. Actors who fall out of these parameters with respect to their own chronological age may still audition for the role if they physically fit the “playing age.”

Actors should come prepared to move! Those with tap experience should bring their tap shoes.

Music cuts follow the character descriptions.

Joe/Josephine/Junior Shell Oil – (25-35ish) Tenor. Moves well. Unemployed saxophonist (doesn’t need to play sax). Dresses in drag to hide from gangsters. Also plays Junior Shell, a millionaire, to woo Sugar. Music cuts – #27 – It’s Always Love – ms 12-31 and #12 – We Could be Close – ms 1-35 with Sugar

Jerry/Daphne – (25-35ish) Baritone. Moves well. Unemployed string bass player (doesn’t need to play). Dresses in drag to hide from gangsters. Millionaire Osgood falls in love with him in drag. Jerry likes Sugar. Music cuts – #26 – Magic Nights – ms 55-71 and #12 – We Could be Close – ms 1-35 with Sugar

Sugar Kane – (25-35ish) Mezzo-Soprano. Moves well. Ukulele player. Blonde Bombshell type. Vocalist for the “Society Syncopaters.” She has a thing for sax players, yet always winds up “with the fuzzy end of the lollipop.” Music cuts – #20 – Hey, Why Not! – ms 9-24

Sir Osgood Fielding – (50+) Baritone. Moves well. A mature and very active millionaire. Falls in love with Daphne/Jerry. Music cuts – #16 – November Song – ms 302-320

Sweet Sue – (35-50) Alto. Leader of the “Society Syncopaters” all-girls band. Tough, no nonsense woman. Think Ethel Merman type. Music cuts – #28 – When You Meet A Man in Chicago – ms 33-48

Bienstock – (35-50) Non-singing role. The band’s manager. A nervous wreck. Weak willed for a man. Stuffy.

Spats Palazzo – (25-45) Baritone. Tap dancer. Dapper gangland boss. Character type of the 20’s.

2 Gang Hoods – (Any age over 18) Males. Tap dancers. Members of Spats’ gang.

4 Millionaires – (50+) Males. Baritones. Millionaire types similar to Osgood.

Male Chorus – (All ages over 18) Dancers and singers. Music cuts – #4 – Penniless Bums – ms 13-27

Female Chorus – (All ages over 18) Dancers and singers. Music cuts – #2 Chicago Opening – ms 31-46

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