Promises, Promises

Based on the Screenplay by Billy Wilder and I.A.I. Diamond
Music by Burt Bacharach – Lyrics by Hal David
Book by Neil Simon

Pre-Audition Dance Workshop:
Open call on Saturday, September 9, from 11:00am – 1:00pm. Learn the dance audition combination (not required, but highly recommended).

Audition Dates: September 18 and 19, 2017

Registration begins at 6:30pm. You must be registered to audition. Auditions begin promptly at 7:30pm. Audition attendees will be asked to sing a portion of a song from the show, learn a dance combination, and read scenes from the script. Music cuts for ensemble, pit orchestra singers, and leads along with scene cuts are available below. You can attend either audition night or both nights. If you attend the first night, you may not be asked to read or sing on the second night.

Please do not bring small children to the auditions.

Please complete an audition form and a conflict calendar and bring them to the audition.

Click on the buttons below to download the forms.

Audition Form Conflict Calendar

First read-through is scheduled for Thursday, September 21.

Performance Dates: November 10-12, 17-19, 24-26, and December 1-2, and 3, 2017

Produced in Cooperation with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

The Show

Meet Chuck Baxter, an ambitious employee of Consolidated Life Insurance Company on his way up. As a bachelor, Chuck has what some of his colleagues desire: an apartment for hanky-panky. With the promise of promotion dangled before him, Chuck lends these senior executives his place for their extramarital trysts. But Chuck becomes more than a little conflicted when he learns that Fran Kubelik, the object of his affection, is the mistress of his boss, the man who holds the key to both Chuck’s flat and his future.

The Crew

Director: Kelly White

Music Director: Martin Mandelbaum

Choreographer: Adam Lynch

Co-Producers: Diane Kaplan and Jeff Bartos

Liner Notes

On December 1, 1968, Promises, Promises, the musical version of Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond’s The Apartment, opened at the Shubert and took Broadway by storm. The show was such a breath of fresh air, with its hilarious book by Neil Simon, and pop-sounding and brilliant score by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. When that overture began, you knew the sound of Broadway had just changed forever – it was electric in the best way. – Bruce Kimmel

Chuck (C.C.) Baxter
(Male | Baritone | B2 – F4)
An affable, ambitious everyman, Chuck is our friendly, often put upon, comic hero. Fond of breaking the fourth wall to crack jokes with the audience. Strong singer with great comedic timing.

Fran Kubelik
(Female | Soprano Belt | G3 – Eb5)
A cafeteria waitress at the office, and Chuck’s unrequited love interest. Described as cute rather than glamorous, with a winning smile, Fran is in an on-again, off-again relationship with the married Mr. Sheldrake (Chuck’s boss). Strong singer and actress.

J.D. Sheldrake
(Male | Baritone | C2 – E4)
Aloof and serious, J.D. Sheldrake is the personnel manager at Consolidated Life and supervisor of all other executives.

Dr. Dreyfuss
(Male | Baritone | B2 – D4)
Character actor – Chuck’s well-meaning older neighbor who is convinced Chuck is a Casanova. Saves Fran’s life! Good comedic timing and minor singing.

Marge MacDougal
(Female | Mezzo Soprano | A3-D5 | Could double in ensemble)
Hands down, best comic lines in the show. Katie Finneran won a Tony for her scene stealing portrayal in the 2010 revival. Marge is an intoxicated, impulsive barfly who needs Chuck to know that she is not a pickup.

Miss Olson
(Female | Could double in ensemble)
Mr. Sheldrake’s no-nonsense secretary

Mr. Dobitch / Kirkeby / Eichelberger / Vanderhof
(Male | Tenor or Baritone | Could double in ensemble)
The description listed was “Executives, reprobates, and tenors” which made me laugh.

Miss Della Hoya / Miss Polansky / Miss Wong
(Female | Will double in ensemble)
Strong solo/featured dancers in “Turkey Lurkey Time,” the greatest dance number of all time.

Back-Up Vocalists
(Four Female Off-Stage Singers)
Described as Teflon-smooth, these four women will bring the breezy, Burt Bacharach sound to every number. Perfect role for strong singers who would like to work offstage. Emphasis will be placed on blend and dynamics.

(Male and Female) This will be a really busy (and fun) show for the ensemble! Lots of acting parts and featured dancing available.

Roles from Male Ensemble

Bartender Eddie • Office Doctor • Waiter • Watchman • Husband • Bartender Eugene • Karl Kubelik • Young Man •

Roles from Female Ensemble

• Sylvia • Ginger • Vivien • Nurse Kreplinski • 1st Girl • 2nd Girl • Office Nurse • Hostess • Wife • Mrs. Sheldrake •

Please Note: Sound and style of this production – especially in terms of back-up vocals – will be based
on the 1969 original cast recording, not the 2010 recording.

Script Cuts

To prepare for auditions, we encourage attendees to take a look at the script (available at most Downriver libraries and through MeLCat) or watch the revival, available on YouTube

Dance Combination

Music Cuts

Depending on audition turnout, we may ask that you sing for more than one character. If we are limited on time, we ask that you prepare one song that best showcases your vocal range and indicate on your audition sheet what additional roles you are interested in.








MUSIC CUTS FOR BACK-UP VOCALISTS (Please prepare the part or parts that fit your voice best: Sopranos: S1 or S2, Altos: S2, A1, or A2. Soprano 1 will be asked to sing a high C)


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