At the Guild – It’s Easier with a Drawing

Our Lights and Sound Governor, David Reynold, II, is the Scenic Designer for our production of The Mousetrap. David is using a computer program to help him design the sets. Computers can make designing easier, but, more importantly, the design can be “to scale.” David is able,

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At the Guild – Gordie’s Fireplace

Gordon Mosely is pictured working on the fireplace for The Mousetrap set. This is a modular fireplace that will easily be assembled for placement on a set, or disassembled for storage. In the picture above you can see two of the bolts that hold portions of the

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At the Guild – More Doings

February 3, 2016 Tallon Roofing and Home Repair are back on the roof today with a load of new shingles. In the shop you can see the beginning of Master Carpenter Gordon Mosley’s fireplace. Gordie is making this one in a modular way so that it can

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At the Guild – There is Always Something to Do

February 2, 2016 – Groundhog Day Two crew members from Tallon Roofing and Home Repair start work on repairing the Guild roof. Leaks have developed where the kitchen/bathrooms addition join the original building. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, work has begun on The Mousetrap set. There is still lots

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At the Guild – Winding Up Stage/Kitchen

Work on the main drape is almost finished. You can see … sort of … some of the new hardware. I’ll try and get better pictures tomorrow. A view from Row W. Meanwhile, here’s a look at the kitchen. The ugly brown closer for the “go between

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At the Guild – More on the Flies

The rigging is complete on some of the upgraded flies. It looks great. Each new fly supposedly will support 800 pounds. Here’s the scaffolding for work on the main drape. You can see a portion of the main rolled up on the floor. Northcoast has been asked

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At the Guild – Work on the Flies Continues

The work on the flies that began yesterday, January 27, 2016, continues today, January 28. Northcoast Studios hauled a whole bunch of stuff to the Guild for their work on the flies. This morning, they put up a second scaffold. Here are some of the “loft blocks”

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At the Guild – Meanwhile in the Kitchen

While the Northcoast Studio crew works on the stage, Dave Wood, the Chair of our Building Committee, is painting the kitchen. Here’s a “selfie” of Dave at work. Diane Cliff helped Dave pick out the color. It will be a big improvement. Dave is fond of saying,

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At the Guild – Building News

In 2015, the Guild submitted a grant request to the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs seeking funds to repair and update the fly system on our stage. Our grant was approved, awarding the Guild $11,250 which the Guild must match. Today, work on those

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Renewed Front Doors

David Wood, the Chair of our Building Committee, recently completed a summer-long project to refurbish the Guild’s front doors. In the picture, Dave, aka General Henry Waverly in White Christmas is showing off his handiwork. Dave stripped and sanded the doors, put on three coats of shellac

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